The world's reefs are dying.

Help us understand why.

All around the world, people are moblizing.

Rising ocean temperatures have resulted in increased pH and water conditions that make it impossible for coral reefs to survive. Around the world, scientists and citizens alike are scrambling to preserve, protect, and publicize the remaining reefs in an effort to slow the elimination of these beautiful creatures.

Keeping Track

It is imperative that we keep a close eye on these reefs. NOAA has done a fantastic job of providing the public with access to realtime data on the level of bleaching among the coral reefs. The CORAL package takes this data and keeps track over time, combining it with other realtime information such as ocean temperature distributions, pH, and salinity as well as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to create a stunning display of the damage being done to these reefs over time.

Check out the NOAA's maps.

How You Can Help

NOAA and climate change research organizations need constant, variable data sources to ensure the data they use in simultions is both accurate and up to date. By downloading and running Coral, you not only get access to realtime bleaching and temperature maps but are also helping improve the accuracy of global simulations.

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